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Kirby Favorites!

I love Kirby. How can you not love this little pink guy?
These finds I found are super cute and cool and I will tell you why.

A Kirby Cook Plushie? Oh how cute is this?
Do you know how badly do I want to find a spot in my kitchen for him to hang out with me while I cook spaghetti?

Anyway. I also liked this pillow:

And these are towels!

Here I was thinking beach towels? Yes! How freaking cool are these?
I hate to spoil that dream, though because these are more like facecloth's at 9" wide.
:wah: :wah:

(Click any pic to the it's listing on ebay.)
Nonetheless, I like the designs. They should be big ass beach towels. 
I wish the stores like Redbubble, Neatshop, Society6 would make beach towels. 
Hells yea!

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