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Mouser, Super Mario Bros 2 #retrogaming

Hey there, long time no post!

Sorry about that. I just lost interest with all of this stuff for a little while and I was suffering from artist's block. But enough about that. I'm back and trying out a new art form which is this...

I like it because it feels pretty natural for me, like drawing on pen and paper type of sketch. That's where I wanted to be with my art anyway. I don't know if you know in the past most of my art was all done with vector type programs, but I can't tell you how bored I am with that. Actually I can. I was so bored with it I couldn't even do it anymore. Too many processes and steps to take - I don't know - it just didn't feel natural anymore and many times when I was done with a project I didn't even like it. I just wanted to be done with it and move on to the next thing.

I like this way, though. I am going to try to blog at least one sketch a day. I did two last night.

Eventually I hope to get better with this and good enough to get my art back in the shops. But for now  I'm going to enjoy the process while I blog about the adventure to get there. I guess it's good for traffic on this website? right? The site helps earn me money. Not much but everything helps.

Ok anyway, gotta go - Hope you like 'em! talk to you later!


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