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Inkling, Splatoon #gaming

Oooo look what I drew!

I've never played this game, I actually started asking for suggestions from my friends on facebook for ideas since I just couldn't decide on what to start drawing today and yesterday, which I did not draw anything yesterday, shame.

Anyway, I thought this came out pretty cool.
I had fun shading this :)

Total time about 2 hours. But I walk away and get distracted quite a bit by things going on around me.

And that's right around the ideal amount of time I'd like to spend on any given drawing.
4 - 6 hours max.

After that I get start to get bored, unmotivated.. want to work on something else... or I'm staring at it too much picking it apart... lol - I aint got time for that no mo!

ok, well hope you like this lil guy, see ya!

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