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Re-Edits > The Hills Have Eyes #gaming

I'm starting a project to re-edit and re-upload all my recent designs without a filter that makes them look worn...

New uploads will be nice crisp and clean!
It makes for a better overall print.

I'm also updating my etsy page with new mousepads and shirts.
And it's kind of a big project, so I'll be choosing only one design a day and fixing it until I'm all back up to speed.

Mousepads and T-shirts available on my Etsy page!

Plus its a cool excuse to upload a bunch of product pics into the blog for fun and non-intrusive marketing... :P (if you ever notice an expired listing on Etsy, please be sure to message me. Sometimes the listings expire and I forget to renew them!)

I'll still be designing new stuff, but only after I've fixed one of these previous ones! :)

Here's a few favorite products from Redbubble and Society6 >

Tote Bags @society6 

You can also see this design on things at TeePublic and Neatoshop, too!

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