A Sandor and Sansa Reunion #requests

Here's another request!

A Sandor Clegane, aka the Hound and Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones.
I kinda worked on this on and off since yesterday.
I colored it all today.

I think it looks alright. I mean I tried to make them look like the actual actors, but when I first got the request I wanted to draw them as muppets. I didn't.

So.... hope you like it.
I know my friend will :)

Scribbly Charmander #poekmon #requests

I played around with scribbling to shade.
I dunno. I was just trying a different technique.
It's kinda neat. I should play around with it some more.

Charmander done at request.

Domo Kun and Hello Kitty Assassins #requests

Heyo! Here's another request completed!

I was asked to draw Hello Kitty and Domo Kun like Mr and Mrs Smith....
(You know the movie with Angelina and Brad?)

Here it is completed!
Total time about 3 hours?
I kept having trouble drawing Hello Kitty's pose, but I think the end result works :)

Anyway, I gotta get to bed.
It's late! Goodnight!

Name this Whatever You Want #requests

So....this exists now,
A coworker friend requested this and was very specific >>
"Kim jong-un drinking tea in a nice flowery garden watching shirtless Vladimir Putin wrestle his pet bear, chompshkee then Donald trump crashes through this big ass bush in a gold plated tank."
Ok then! I don't really love complicated drawings or drawings of real people, mostly because I am so bad at it and I lose my focus and motivation because halfway through I'm like... this sucks! What am I doing!? LOL

Sorry if this one took so long, I kept having to take breaks and come back to it. And yeah I know it aint quite a masterpiece, but I stuck to it, so suck it!

Oh and I don't put any kind of meaning behind this other than what you make up yourself. Like I said it was a request and does not reflect any of my own political views... or does it? I know my views mostly go...  "I don't care, most humans in power are dickhead sociopaths and I wish I was an alien or more evolved that I didn't even have to care about this stuff and could wipe away all the corruption with super psychic powers of my own and unbrainwash the masses of zombies on this planet who don't even know they are brainwashed by shit agendas and replace everything with freethinking common sense for the benefit of all humans, animals and the environment."


Kid Icarus Box Art Thing #gaming

Today I drew my own version of the Kid Icarus box art.
I did it at request form one of my friends.

I guess it's kinda neat.
It was fun to draw it.

Temmie, Undertale #gaming

Today I drew Temmie, from Undertale, a game I have yet to play.
I don't know if I ever will... maybe. The game looks neat.

Maybe I'll look up a let's play on Youtube... But it would have to be one where there's no talking.
I don't like all that chatter. I just want to watch the game :)

Anyway - hope you like this!


Tetra, Zelda Wind Waker #gaming

 I drew Tetra from The Wind Waker today as a request,

I took my time a bit more with this one and paid closer attention to the reference sketch.

She's cute. I think it came out pretty good!

Hope you like it!


I hope this gives you nightmares, Nicholas Cage loves Tacos

This was requested by a friend of mine...
And I'm well aware of the fact his hands are all misshapen, the light and shadows are lazily done and overall it's just bad art.

But I don't care.

She'll love it and my friends will have a laugh.

So It's all good!

That's what it's all about anyway.

So who cares. Not me :)


Skeleton Sock Monkey #sockmonkey

I drew a sock monkey today for my friend, Stacey Jean today :)

She makes the cutest sock monkeys I've ever seen and all by hand!

You can see some of her speacial little monkeys over on her website > www.pumpkinbones.com
There's a lot of very neat and unique ones to check out!
I have one!

So I don't know how long this guy took me - I kept coming back to it on and off all day in between errands and adventures. But anyway - I like how it came out. Isn't he super cute?