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TeePublic Tshirt *S-A-L-E* All Tees $14 For a Couple Days!

Hi. Oh lookit I am promoting a sale on TeePublic!
I like that site! I like their T-shirts, too!

They also sell Hoodies, Crewnecks, Wall Art and Phone Cases.

Today is Feb 24th 2016.
This sale here is until Feb 26th.

Everything is on sale...
Tshirts are $14... 
Hoodies and Crewnecks are $30
(I guess they start at $30 depending on how huge garment you want to buy.....)
Wall Art and Phone Cases 20% off
(or up to, I dunno how that is decided.)

Anyway - Eitherway
There are always $14 Shirts for sale on that site all the time, everyday.

Most of the artists I've promoted here on this blog also submit the same designs to Teepublic, so if you want a good deal today or tomorrow or the day after that - You'll just have to find them yourself through TeePublic's site.

Maybe go grab someone a birthday gift
or random surprise for a friend?
Or buy something for yourself! #treatyoself - I don't care!
I just really appreciate the patronage!
And so do the artists, I'm positive of that.  :)  Thank you!

The print quality is pretty decent over at TeePublic.
Although to be honest, Neatoshop - who I promote most of the time on this blog, are known for brighter, more vibrant color prints - Just wanted to make sure you know that. They are more expensive, yes, but I like high quality print stuff.

Ok so here are some links:

TeePublic >>> Popular Main Page

TeePublic >>> New $14 Shirts / Popular

My TeePublic  >>> LikeLikes TeePublic

Ok. That's that!
Have a great day!


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