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Name this Whatever You Want #requests

So....this exists now,
A coworker friend requested this and was very specific >>
"Kim jong-un drinking tea in a nice flowery garden watching shirtless Vladimir Putin wrestle his pet bear, chompshkee then Donald trump crashes through this big ass bush in a gold plated tank."
Ok then! I don't really love complicated drawings or drawings of real people, mostly because I am so bad at it and I lose my focus and motivation because halfway through I'm like... this sucks! What am I doing!? LOL

Sorry if this one took so long, I kept having to take breaks and come back to it. And yeah I know it aint quite a masterpiece, but I stuck to it, so suck it!

Oh and I don't put any kind of meaning behind this other than what you make up yourself. Like I said it was a request and does not reflect any of my own political views... or does it? I know my views mostly go...  "I don't care, most humans in power are dickhead sociopaths and I wish I was an alien or more evolved that I didn't even have to care about this stuff and could wipe away all the corruption with super psychic powers of my own and unbrainwash the masses of zombies on this planet who don't even know they are brainwashed by shit agendas and replace everything with freethinking common sense for the benefit of all humans, animals and the environment."


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