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Re-Edits > Island Adventure #gaming

Island Adventure is done in record time! I hope to get more of these designs done in a more timely fashion. I've been working on balancing my workflow and household duties through the day and it's working! Rather than spend hours working on art till i am exhausted and unmotivated and abandoned... I just work on things for 30 minutes at a time for art / 30 minutes around the house to do anything else... back and forth all day til I feel like quitting. :)

I've found it to work well because I'll make sure I have things in order around me and I'm also looking forward to continuing on the art. Plus I don't feel bad about spending nearly half my day watching stuff on netflix!

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Now available as mousepads on Etsy >

If you ever notice an expired listing on Etsy, please be sure to message me.
Sometimes the listings expire and I forget to renew them!

Totebags and other cool things available at Society6

Lots of great things on Redbubble, too!

You can also see this design on even more things at TeePublic and Neatoshop, too!

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